Let’s yarn awhile

Much to the delight of my cat, Hazelnut, I’ve started crocheting again. A former colleague of mine formed a crochet circle at the office and was more than happy to take me on as a padawan and show me the ropes… or yarn, as it were. I managed to complete a couple of projects and then hung up my hooks to finish my degree and bear several children. Now that I have a baby girl to crochet for (and a Pinterest board full of ideas), I’m back. I’ve recently finished several projects, including 3 hats. The cool thing is that while the finished products are very different, all 3 hats were made from the same beanie pattern. Sarah over at Repeat Crafter Me is a crochet genius and super generous in sharing her easy-to-read patterns (newborn – adult). Here’s a link to the beanie pattern I used for these little numbers.


This hat is the root of my new obsession with all things owl.


And now for a much angrier bird

Again, I reused my favorite beanie pattern for the hat. The pattern for the bird features can be found here.


Luke is super into Avengers at the moment and decided he really needed a Captain America hat. Mission accomplished. My gauge was a little off, so it’s not quite long enough. I really need to go back and crochet and extra row or 2.

Same basic pattern and then I found the pattern for the wings and stuff here.

I am so thankful that so many crocheters are willing to share their awesome patterns for free. The craft world has such a fabulous community. Enjoy the patterns and I’d love to see the finished product if you make any of these projects!


Handprints on My Heart


Luke’s 2013 hand print creation (why can’t I make myself toss this thing?!)

I spend my days wiping foreign substances from appliances and walls, so you would think that I would have an aversion to hand prints. The truth is, I can’t get enough of them. My fondness isn’t for the gooey tracks leading from the counter to the couch, but to the crafty kind immortalized on construction paper. Out of necessity I’ve been making feeble attempts to cut clutter in our house. We’re just running out of places to stuff things we don’t need. But while I can easily part with many of the kids’ ‘masterpieces,’ anything with a hand, finger, or foot print is generally safe from elimination. My print obsession stared with Luke’s first Christmas when we pressed his chubby foot in clay and proudly displayed it on our tree. We’ve done the same for each subsequent baby. Each December we crowd around the ornament box excited to compare how much they’ve grown since their first Christmas. (I wish I could post a picture of all 3 ornaments, but they’ve been once more relegated to the attic. Lest you think I have it all together, we’ll probably still be using our Christmas dishes on Loey’s birthday… which is in July.)

I’ve noticed that while the minutes of each day at home can be loooong (like when all 3 kids are super sad at the same time), each year really does move faster than the previous one. I suppose hording hand prints is my way of freezing time – if only on paper. I’ve recently become a late-night Pinterest fanatic – because who can sleep when there are fantastic craft/food/party/random ideas to be discovered and never attempted! As a tribute to my love of kid prints, I created a hand print craft board on Pinterest (lots of repinning – not my ideas!). I see a hand print tutu in Miss Em’s future! 🙂