The Mess in the Meltdown

Fifteen layers of clothing, cabin fever and little boys bouncing off the living room walls… it’s Winter in NJ! The past few weeks have been especially frigid, so we’ve had loads of inside time. It’s been fun, but hanging inside was getting old. (Seriously, how many sofa pillow castles build before losing your mind?!) So when temp hit a balmy 54°F yesterday, we headed straight for the nearest playground after school. That’s when I remembered that it had rained last night. No problem though. I’m 5 years into this mom gig, so a little mud doesn’t scare me. Besides, the boys were finally jumping off something other than my dining room table, so we were staying. Five slides, two swing sets and a rock wall and what does Loey play with?

ImageImage Loey’s List of Favorite Things:

  • Dirt
  • Water
  • Any combination of the above

He was soaked up to his knees and had the time of his life! Confession: As we ran out the house this morning, I realized he had on big bro’s 5T pants! Sigh. We were mobilized – there was no turning back.


Luke asked to wear “the shoes that like to get messy” to the playground. Gotta love a guy who recognizes practical footwear.

Meanwhile, back at the playground… Big Brother Luke slid down into a ginormous puddle. Naturally, that’s when I remembered the towel in the stroller and my intent to wipe down pre-play. The towel was Luke’s favorite thing. He happily spent the rest of the afternoon playing Park Ranger – wiping down benches, play equipment and little bro.

Mess rating for the day (1-5 scale): 2 rolls of Bounty


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