Introducing… My Mess Makers


Loey splashing in his favorite goo

Whether you’re a friend, family or just passing though… welcome to my blog! Hi ya, I’m Lindy I., mom to three and wife to my high school sweetheart. As I was puttering around the kitchen today cleaning and brainstorming blog ideas, something caught my eye – the paper towel holder. It was then that I decided to write about everything from our messy crafts to the messes in life that can’t be wiped clean with a square of Bounty. Most of what I write will center around my journey as a mom and things I’ve observed/learned/messed up/cleaned up along the way. I’m currently a crochet fanatic, so I’ll probably be sharing a few of those and other projects as well. Now to introduce my band of babes:

Luke (5 years old) is our big guy and comes up with the best ideas. He can often be heard saying things like, “Let’s paint with our feet!” and “I’ll get the food coloring!” As the first-born, Luke is the Mischief Police and lets me know what has gone awry and by whom. It should also be noted that Luke is the least messy member of the I-Team… including me. (My equilibrium still seems off after pregnancy #3, so I have a tendency to spill and drop stuff… often.)

Loey (2 years old) is my sweet and happy bundle of fun. Usually found with a smile on his lips and glitter in his hair, he is the ninja of mess makers – the quieter he is, the bigger the mess.

Em (9 months old) is our adorable newbie. Her hobbies include snuggling, scouting for dropped snacks and clearing bookshelves.

So that’s my gang! It’s a lot of work (as any parent can attest!), but there’s no one I’d rather chase around with a baby wipe.


7 thoughts on “Introducing… My Mess Makers

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging…just so you know, there is a site that you can have print and bind your blog to have a hard copy. Have fun!

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